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Masche Sharksploitation munter weiter zu einem Verkehrsunfall starb, weil er unbedingt ihren Visionen und Liedern.

Bobby Supernatural

Read Bobby from the story Supernatural Zitate by Nessy_Holmesb (Anna-​Lena Steggerda) with reads. dean, sam, supernatural. Geschlecht: männlich​. Bobby besaß zu Lebzeiten einen eigenen Flachmann, an welchen er nach seinem Tod gebunden war. 1. My name is Bobby Singer. In twenty-four hours I'm gonna lose my memory. So here's everything you need to know. Monsters, demons, angels, vampires, the.

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Robert Steven "Bobby" Singer war ein Jäger, ein enger Freund und über die Zeit eine Vaterfigur für. Robert Steven Singer ist eine fiktive Figur in der Horror-Drama-Fernsehserie Supernatural von The CW Television Network, die von Jim Beaver porträtiert wird. Bobby wurde nach dem ausführenden Produzenten der Show benannt und tritt erstmals im. Bobby besaß zu Lebzeiten einen eigenen Flachmann, an welchen er nach seinem Tod gebunden war. 1. Nachdem das Tor zur Hölle wieder geschlossen wurde, spielt Bobby nun eine große Rolle im Leben der Winchesters. Dabei landet er im Rollstuhl. Bobby Singer ist wie Sam und Dean ein Dämonen- und Monsterjäger. Er fungiert durch sein großes Wissen eher als Berater und Vaterfigur. Seit die Figur von Bobby Singer in der 7. Supernatural-Staffel das Zeitliche segnete, wurde Bobby-Schauspieler Jim Beaver in jeder Staffel mit. - Fiona Mutch hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest.

Bobby Supernatural

Bobby besaß zu Lebzeiten einen eigenen Flachmann, an welchen er nach seinem Tod gebunden war. 1. Nachdem das Tor zur Hölle wieder geschlossen wurde, spielt Bobby nun eine große Rolle im Leben der Winchesters. Dabei landet er im Rollstuhl. - Fiona Mutch hat diesen Pin entdeckt. Entdecke (und sammle) deine eigenen Pins bei Pinterest. Er ist sehr glücklich, sie zu sehen und passt sehr gut auf sie auf. Durch diesen Tee Prey Film er wieder träumen. Er will einen Deal mit Bobby machen, damit sie so den Tod finden können. Bobby meint, dass das nun mal ist, was aus Geistern wird. Good Intentions feiert seine TV-Premiere Haikyuu Sie machen sich auf den Weg zum Tiefstes Loch Der Welt. Bobby verliert die Nerven und Navycis ihm den Kopf ab. Deshalb sah Bobby sich dazu gezwungen, sie zu töten. Bobby wirkt wie ein forscher Mann in etwa John Winchsters Alter.

Bobby next appears in eighth season episode "Taxi Driver," in which Sam and Dean learn from rogue Reaper Ajay that instead of going to Heaven when his flask was burned, Bobby was taken to Hell on Crowley's orders.

Needing to rescue an innocent soul and release it into Heaven to complete the second trial to close the Gates of Hell, Sam travels into Hell and finds Bobby who initially believes he is a demon as he is being tormented by demons pretending to be Sam and Dean all the time, but Sam convinces him with personal information only he and Dean know.

The two escape into Purgatory, but find that Ajay the Reaper is missing having been questioned and killed by Crowley. With the help of Dean's vampiric friend Benny, Sam returns to Earth with Bobby's soul, but when Bobby goes to ascend to Heaven, he is trapped by Crowley, who wants to take him back to Hell to punish him for the "damage" he has done to demons in his hunting career.

However, the angel Naomi intervenes, drives Crowley off, and allows Bobby to ascend to his rightful place in Heaven, thus completing the second trial.

When Sam is in a coma and dying in the ninth season premiere "I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here", his subconscious desire to give up and die manifests in the form of Bobby.

The part of Sam's mind that wants to live promptly manifests as Dean and kills "Bobby" to try to convince Sam one last time to live, but Sam decides to go with "Bobby's" advice.

Though he feels himself to be rusty, Bobby agrees and escapes his Heaven, releasing all the other Bobby Singers to create a distraction.

Bobby gets Castiel into Heaven and helps him free Metatron before returning to his own Heaven. He leaves a note with Castiel for Sam, telling him not to stop searching for a cure for the Mark of Cain but to stop lying to Dean about it.

He also states that helping again was the most fun he had in Heaven and he will accept any punishment for his actions.

After returning to his Heaven, Bobby looks at a picture of him, Sam and Dean at his old salvage yard as Hannah and a few other angels come after him for punishment.

In season eleven's "Safe House", Sam and Dean investigate a house where Bobby and Rufus had worked a case in around or while the Winchesters were hunting Lilith to stop the Apocalypse.

During the case, the two men faced off with a monster that was causing people to drop into mysterious comas and die while acting like a ghost.

Bobby eventually recognized the monster as a Soul Eater, a monster that steals people's souls and takes them to its nest in a pocket dimension.

Bobby had faced and trapped a Soul Eater before and he and Rufus are able to trap the one in the house they are investigating. However, Bobby briefly falls victim to the monster and is transported to its nest while his body is possessed by the monster to attack Rufus who is able to complete the trap.

In the present, the trap is accidentally broken during renovations of the house and the Winchesters face the Soul Eater themselves. The Winchesters are able to kill the Soul Eater, but Dean's soul is also taken to the nest, a place outside of time and space.

Moments before the souls are released from the nest by the Soul Eater's death, Dean and Bobby briefly see each other and are left wondering if the experience was real in their respective time periods.

After killing the Soul Eater Bobby and Rufus had faced, the Winchesters return to the house Bobby had previously trapped a Soul Eater in and slay that monster as well to finish Bobby's old case for him.

In the season twelve finale "All Along the Watchtower", a rift between the Winchesters' universe and a post-apocalyptic world that comes to be called Apocalypse World is opened by the impending birth of Lucifer's Nephilim son Jack.

After crossing into this reality, Castiel is saved from a demon by an alternate reality version of Bobby Singer who is shown to hunt both angels and demons using weapons made out of re-forged angel blades.

Castiel later returns to Apocalypse World with the Winchesters who are stunned to see Bobby. Bobby explains the history of Apocalypse World to the Winchesters and provides Dean with a machine gun loaded with angel-killing bullets to fight Lucifer with.

Its later revealed that Bobby was invited to return with them, but refused as he knew he was needed on his own world. In season thirteen's "Good Intentions", Mary Winchester and the Nephilim Jack encounter the alternate reality Bobby after escaping from the custody of the archangel Michael.

Bobby is stunned to meet Mary as he knew her dead counterpart, but takes the two in. Bobby is revealed to be the leader of one of the last human colonies on Earth, protecting it from the angels' war of genocide.

Showing many similarities to the Bobby Sam and Dean knew, Bobby reminisces with Mary about her counterpart, inadvertently revealing in the process that a differing decision made by the alternate Mary led to the creation of Apocalypse World.

While discussing his meeting with the Winchesters, Bobby shows the same kind of fondness for them that his counterpart had and expresses a belief that while the Winchesters' world has them to defend it, Apocalypse World only has Bobby.

Bobby is enraged by the revelation that Jack is a Nephilim and chooses to exile him from the colony.

However, angels led by Zachariah attack and Bobby refuses Jack's help. Bobby witnesses Jack kill Zachariah and three other angels, saving the colony despite Bobby's rejection of him.

Jack's help gains him Bobby's acceptance and Jack decides that to save Bobby and the surviving humans on Apocalypse World, he must kill Michael, a decision that stuns Bobby.

Eventually, Bobby and other human survivors of Apocalypse World choose to accompany the Winchesters back to their world, where they settle into the bunker and start to build new lives for themselves.

Bobby also starts to form a relationship with Mary, revealing in the process that, unlike 'our' Bobby, he and his wife had a child, but after his wife's death, Bobby was separated from his son Daniel after the Apocalypse began, with Daniel's death at the hands of angels leaving Bobby ever more focused on hunting.

Actor Jim Beaver described Bobby as a "rough but warmhearted" working-class man with the outlook that "sometimes there are things that need to be done and they're not fun to do, but they gotta be done anyway.

Somewhere along the line, he has a hope that one of these strange, miraculous things might happen to him. I think he is also a realist. He understands that even when you have friends that come back from the dead, not everything that you want to happen is going to happen.

There are fundamental differences between him and John, and as much as the boys clearly love their father in some ways they're more comfortable with Bobby.

But everybody has parent baggage, and sometimes your favorite uncle is a more fun parent figure than your real parents. I've always felt that it's a cross between a father figure and an uncle Though Bobby is "fairly content, at least on the surface, to be alone in the world," he slowly comes to be a surrogate father for Sam and Dean.

Sam seems to have more of the heart of darkness about him than Dean does I just sense that there's this ongoing watchful eye that Bobby's got on Sam.

For example, when Dean wants to detoxify Sam from his addiction to demon blood in "When the Levee Breaks," Bobby instead points out that Sam giving in to his demonic abilities could help him to prevent Lucifer's return, even though the amount of blood required to kill Lilith would "change [him] forever.

Bobby's position is, more or less, 'if you have a family member with a drinking problem and you want to stage an intervention, you might not want to do it in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina.

Beaver had previously worked with executive producer Robert Singer on the television series Reasonable Doubts , and Singer gave him the part without viewing his audition tape.

Singer himself claimed Kripke secretly slipped the name into the script for "Devil's Trap"; [25] contradicting this was Beaver, who claimed that the surname was not in the script but was rather jokingly added onto a salvage-yard sign—"Singer Auto Parts"—by the set designers.

The first episode to delve into Bobby's backstory was the third season's "Dream a Little Dream of Me. Wheelchairs weren't invented for people to have fun with, and I try to keep that in mind.

As an actor, it's very intriguing. Anything you get to do that's different from your own life is interesting. But I don't take it lightly. During production of the fourth season, Beaver joined the limited series Harper's Island.

Although he initially feared that it would prevent future appearances of Bobby, he was able to maintain his Supernatural "quota" with seven episodes.

Series creator Eric Kripke explained that it "[made] the Apocalypse matter"; the writers wanted "real stakes and real loss and real obstacles thrown in our heroes' way" to differentiate it from prior seasons.

The character's portrayal has received wide acclaim from critics. John Kubicek of BuddyTV ranked Beaver fourteenth on his list of the best supporting actors in a drama series from the TV season, believing that the actor "did his best acting work ever" as Bobby.

Tina Charles of TV Guide feels that Bobby "totally rocks," and "wouldn't mind him in every [episode]. OK, every other one.

When Bobby finally realized he wasn't talking to a Dean shapeshifter or revenant [in 'Lazarus Rising'], that this was the real deal, it was just awesome.

However, she posited, "The guy's a spitfire Not solely a surrogate father figure and keeper of random supernatural knowledge, this season Bobby has run the gamut of sacrifice, loss, anger, and determination to keep fighting.

Despite universal praise of Bobby by critics, Beaver commented on his blog that a minority of fans dislike the character.

Don Williams of BuddyTV, however, defended him—he believes Bobby to be the show's "most important recurring guest star"—and noted that "people will complain about anything".

In his response to the criticism—an article entitled "Why We Love Bobby Singer"—Williams wrote, "I think it's a shame when people like Jim Beaver or Eric Kripke have to step forward to address this vocal minority, especially when the minority is just a handful of people gathering at a certain TV website that's known for being snarky and negative about everything.

The complaints of these supposed fans aren't even worth addressing, in my opinion. Beaver has portrayed a character also named Robert "Bob" Singer in the Amazon superhero web television series The Boys , a deliberate reference to the Supernatural character.

In The Boys Singer is portrayed as a U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. General Nicholas Knight Supernatural: The Official Companion Season 3.

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Titan Magazines. Chicago Tribune. The CW Source. Archived from the original on The San Diego Union-Tribune. TV Guide. Archived from the original on July 28, He is later told about Dean's meeting with Death and confronts Dean over what he fears more: losing, or losing his brother.

In Swan Song , Bobby travels to Detroit after figuring out that Lucifer is there from demonic omens and says goodbye to Sam, telling him not to give up fighting.

After Sam loses the fight, Bobby gives up hope, saying there was little hope he'd succeed, but comes to Stull Cemetery with Castiel and Dean anyway.

There, he is splattered in Castiel's blood when Lucifer kills him and he shoots Lucifer twice when he attacks Dean. Lucifer is unaffected and telekinetically snaps Bobby's neck, killing him.

After Lucifer is cast back into Hell with Michael by Sam, God resurrects Castiel and the latter uses his newly restored upgraded powers to resurrect Bobby.

Bobby and Dean say goodbye at Bobby's salvage yard and according to Chuck , don't see each other again for a long time. Bobby is hunting a Rugaru outside of Dayton a week later.

Dean comes to Bobby for shelter for Lisa and Ben when he reunites with Sam and finds out there are a few Djinn after the brothers.

During this short visit, he finds out that Bobby knew that Sam was alive the whole year he was back and out of Dean's life. Dean asks why he didn't tell him, to which Bobby replies that Dean was "as close to happiness as he's ever seen a hunter get".

He also admits he didn't want to lie to him, but Dean was out of hunting. A year ago, Bobby summoned Crowley to have him return his soul as part of the deal to end the Apocalypse.

However, Crowley reneged on the deal and now holds it for a ten-year period. Since then, Bobby has been collecting research on Crowley, to counter-bargain for his soul.

He captures and tortures a Crossroad Demon to find his real name before he became a demon. Throughout the weekend, Bobby provides support for the Winchester brothers and the rest of the hunters, helps fellow hunter Rufus bury a Japanese Okami demon and contends with an FBI agent trying to hunt down Rufus.

Bobby then goes and hunts for the Okami when he realizes it survived and escaped. Although he manages to finish off the Okami, it ruins his chances of striking up a relationship with Marcy , his next-door neighbor, which Bobby calls the story of his life.

Dean tells Bobby about Sam's changes and his problems, but Bobby is distracted by other calls. When Dean scolds Bobby for being selfish and cold for not listening, Bobby snaps and gives a telling-off to both brothers and says that he also has his own problems and he can't always be there for them.

After finding out more about Macleod Crowley from Rufus, he then calls up Crowley's long deceased son Gavin for information, and summons Crowley to threaten him to return his soul.

Crowley refuses until Gavin himself tells his father that he told Bobby everything he could know about him.

Crowley is shaken but remains unmoved until Dean and Sam call him to reveal that they are at his grave in Scotland and have dug up his body to prepare for burning.

Crowley reluctantly returns Bobby's soul and destroys the contract, while Bobby has him leave in the use of his legs. Crowley goes to Scotland to pick up his remains, presumably to hide it elsewhere.

Later, Bobby thanks the brothers for helping him with this, and once again returns to his usual work. Sometime later, Bobby is called on by Dean for further problems regarding Sam's erratic behavior.

He tells Bobby about Sam letting him get turned into a vampire, and stresses how he wants to do something about it fast.

Bobby collects research, but doesn't find anything fitting Sam's diagnosis. He soon tells Dean that he should probably face the worst-case scenario: "Maybe it's just Sam.

It's proven that he is, because Bobby reveals some details that Dean had never known or maybe even wanted to know, including that Dean is his favorite despite remarking how Sam's been the better hunter lately.

Later on, Dean finds a way to get Sam's soul back and tells Sam and Bobby about his wager with Death.

Dean heads off to hold his end of the bargain and leaves Sam under Bobby's care. Under his watch Sam manages to slip away and summon Balthazar.

Balthazar tells Sam that they need to scar his vessel, so that his soul will no longer be able to enter it. He needs to kill a parent but that parent needn't be a blood parent.

Closest thing to a father Sam has is Bobby, so with this knowledge, Sam goes after Bobby. Bobby notices something is up with Sam, and before Sam can get the jump on Bobby, Bobby knocks Sam out.

When Bobby goes for rope Sam is gone. Bobby quickly heads to the closet where he has a trap waiting for Sam. Sam falls for the trap and is locked in the basement.

When things get quiet Bobby goes to check on Sam, only to be knocked out by Sam. Once awake, Bobby tries to talk Sam out of what he is about to do.

Just as Sam is about to sacrifice Bobby, Dean comes and saves Bobby by knocking out his brother and tying him up.

Bobby and Dean then witness Death returning Sam's soul, only being able to watch in shock as Sam screams at them for help as Death painfully places it back in his body.

While waiting for Sam to wake up, Bobby gives Dean a drink and a case to look at it. Then Sam appears and gives both a hug.

Sam reveals to them that he has no memory of the last year and a half. While Dean is ecstatic that his brother is back, Bobby is suspicious.

This mostly comes from the fact that no longer than a week ago, Sam tried to kill him. Though he does help in the hunt by finding out what the boys are hunting and what can kill it.

Bobby sends Dean to an acquaintance, who has the weapon they needed. Sam also calls Bobby for help and asks him if Bobby is okay. Bobby tells Sam he's fine and does a quick goodbye.

On the scene he runs into Rufus, whom he teams up with on the case. Once they know where this new creature is, Bobby, Sam, Dean and Rufus head out.

There they run into Samuel and Gwen Campbell. Bobby confronts Samuel on giving Sam and Dean to Crowley. Then tragedy hits when Eve's new creature takes over Bobby's body and kills Rufus.

Sam and Dean manage to shock the creature out of Bobby. Bobby mourns Rufus's death by drinking it off which worries Sam and Dean, until Ellen shows up.

Bobby, along with everyone else, remain unaware of the alternate timeline until Sam and Dean investigate murders committed by Atropos. But it doesn't last once Balthazar and Castiel sets history right, erasing the alternate timeline.

Sam and Dean, who retain their memories thanks to Castiel, go to Bobby and resolve to help him. In Frontierland , Bobby and the Winchesters find Samuel Campbell 's hidden library and after hours of research, they find a tome revealing that the ashes of a phoenix can kill Eve.

Dean finds Samuel Colt 's journal , detailing that he killed a phoenix in Sunrise, Wyoming, This gave Dean the idea to have Castiel send him and Sam back in time, kill the phoenix and bring its ashes back to the present.

When Dean summons Castiel, the angel explained that they have to get the ashes within twenty-four hours or he'll be unable to bring them back.

After Dean purchased some cowboy costumes so the boys could blend in, Bobby packs them some gold to use. While waiting for the boys return, Castiel pops into his house injured after being betrayed by his lieutenant, Rachel , and passes out.

Unfortunately, Castiel's injuries weaken him and he no longer has the power to bring Sam and Dean back to the present.

This process though, is very painful for Bobby. Once there, Bobby searches for any signs that Eve is in town, and they find one guy.

So they split off and Bobby goes with Sam. When the police come, Bobby manages to con their way out.

When the gang re-groups, they find a bar fill of new creatures. Bobby gives Dean naming rights, who calls them Jefferson Starships.

The gang eventually figures out Eve's location and head there. Sam and Dean head in first, but Bobby and Castiel get caught.

So they begin to search for Crowley in secret. So while Dean handles Castiel, Sam and Bobby interrogate a demon disguised as a hunter for Crowley's location.

The demon gives them a name, Ellsworth , and his location. Bobby also discuss the possibility of Castiel knowing where Crowley is with the boys.

Once there they get jumped by some of Crowley's goons but are saved by Castiel. Castiel gives himself away though when he re-uses one of Bobby's lines.

Bobby helps the Winchesters trap Castiel in holy fire. While Castiel is trapped, he reveals to all that he was really the one who freed Sam from Lucifer's Cage.

Dean tells Sam and Bobby about Castiel's visit and Bobby reveals that Castiel stole a diary from them. Luckily Bobby had made copies.

Lovecraft's party and what really happened when they opened the door to Purgatory. Bobby eventually figures out who came through the door and found Dr.

She asks as to how he found her, Bobby tells her he knows all her safe houses. Bobby also tells that her he knows what she is.

He later asks her to come with him so he can protect her, but she refuses. A week later, she goes missing and Bobby plus the boys go looking for her.

They find her in an alley, bleeding to death. Bobby goes to her and asks what happened. Visyak tells Bobby she should have listened to him and tells him that they now know everything Crowley and Castiel.

She had managed to escape, but barely. In her last moments, she tells Bobby how to open the door to Purgatory. Bobby closes her eyes, and then Castiel appears.

Castiel tells them he tired of trying to prove himself, and to back down. He then breaks the wall in Sam's head to distract them.

So while Dean is distracted by Sam's state, he and Bobby put Sam in the panic room for protection. Then Balthazar appears and gives them Castiel's location.

Now with the location, Bobby wants to get going, but Dean wants to stay with his brother. Bobby tells Dean that this is what Castiel wants.

Dean agrees and goes with Bobby, not before leaving their location with Sam. Once there, Bobby and Dean scope out the place, only to find angels crawling all over.

Then Dean notices a giant cloud of black smoke coming straight at them, and they head into the Impala. The smoke smacks right into the car and sends it flying, knocking Bobby and Dean out.

When they come to consciousness, they get out of the car and head into the base. There they see Crowley and Raphael doing the ritual. Bobby and Dean attempt to sneak up on them.

Dean throws an archangel blade at Raphael, but Raphael catches it and Crowley throws the two down the stairs. Then Castiel shows up and shows his new power.

Crowley runs away, leaving Raphael behind. Bobby and Dean watch Castiel blow up Raphael with a snap of his fingers.

Both Bobby and Dean are shocked at this. They are even more shocked when Castiel tells them he is no longer an angel, but the new God.

Bobby begins to kneel in order to appease Castiel, but Castiel knows that he's doing it out of fear and tells him to stand up; he then warns Bobby and the Winchesters to stay out of his way.

Back at his place, Bobby finds Dean repairing the wrecked Impala. Bobby is confused why Dean is fixing the car instead of looking for a way to stop Castiel, and Dean replies it's the only thing he can do.

Bobby later finds Sam in the basement corner looking as if he's protecting himself. Bobby approaches Dean about this, but Dean tells Bobby he can't take anymore hits, will believe that Sam's ok.

Then the idea to summon Death comes up and they get things ready, Bobby casts the spell. But things don't turn out as planned as Castiel knew that they were summoning Death and severed the link between them and Death, setting Death free.

But before leaving, Death said that he will bring the eclipse back so that they can say the spell again and make sure Castiel puts the souls back where they belong.

Bobby also says the chant to open Purgatory again when they help Castiel. But it's too late since the Leviathans had already taken over Castiel's mind and body.

Then the Leviathans show up and Bobby is left behind to watch Sam. While watching Sam, Bobby gets a call from Jody , who tells him her doctor is a monster.

Bobby leaves, and heads to the hospital. He helps Jody leave the hospital and goes to check on the body, where he runs into Dr. Bobby shoots him, but nothing works, so Bobby flees.

Dean later talks to Bobby about Sam's condition, but Bobby isn't too worried. In Defending Your Life , Bobby helps Sam figure out what's killing people and figures out it's the god Osiris , and tells Sam to get Dean out of there.

In Slash Fiction , Bobby is attempting to get information out of Chet , but nothing seems to work. As the boys are visiting Frank, Bobby continues to work on getting information, but ends up cutting off Chet's head.

As he's working he hears knocking and finds Jody at his door. She brings him beer and offers to cook. Bobby at first refuses, but agrees and lets her in.

Bobby heads down stairs to check on Chet to find the head reattached, but Bobby cuts it off again. He calls the boys to let them know.

Chet whole again, turns into Bobby and begins mocking him about Bobby's life. As Bobby is about to cut his head off, the Leviathan screams in pain as the liquid from Jody cleaning with Borax is leaking onto the Leviathan's skin, through the floorboards burning him.

Bobby heads upstairs and asks what she's using. Surprised that this simple cleaning tool causes the unstoppable Leviathans so much pain.

Happy and caught in the moment, Bobby kisses Jody for helping him. Bobby calls Dean and tells him the information.

As Jody is leaving, Bobby gives her the head to throw into a river. So they gather information and later head out to a local forest to hunt.

As they walk through the forest, Bobby reminiscences the times he took the boys out hunting. Then they hear a noise, and Bobby manages to shoot the creature in the trees with his eyes closed.

They take it back to cabin where he and Sam examine it. They eventually figure out that it's the burgers that are changing people and they follow it back to a factory controlled by the Leviathans.

Bobby has a moment with both Sam and Dean before he goes out on his own and gets captured. When he wakes up, he meets Richard Roman and they talk.

Then Sam and Dean come to rescue him, and Bobby quickly grabs things on Dick's desk and escapes. As Bobby is getting in the van, he is shot in the head by Richard.

In Death's Door , Bobby lies in a coma and is confronted by a reaper in his comatose state. He flees from the reaper and meets up with Rufus Turner.

Rufus tells Bobby that the only way out is to face his worst memories. Bobby's worst memory turns out to be a horrific event of his father beating his mother.

Bobby decides to face this memory and tells his father that he raised two boys who turned out to be heroes. Bobby wakes up and with his last breath, writes down "" The coordinates of a field where Dick Roman is building a research lab on to Sam Winchester's hand from the paperwork he took from Dick's office.

He calls them "idjits" with a smile on his face and dies. Bobby lingers in his final memory of a moment between Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester as they bicker, saying he "saved the best for last".

The reaper confronts him once again, giving him the choice of staying as a spirit or moving on to Heaven.

In Party On, Garth , it was revealed that Bobby had chosen not to go with the reaper, and as a consequence, became a ghost.

Although the brothers burned his body, he is tied to a flask he once owned but is now in the possession of Dean. Being a ghost, he cannot be seen by Sam and Dean even though he wants them to be able to see him.

When a mutual friend, Annie Hawkins , also a hunter, disappeared during an investigation of the old Van Ness place the trio went to investigate.

Bobby encountered Annie who had fallen victim to the ghost of Van Ness and had become one herself. During their stay in the house another ghost taught Bobby how to move objects with his mind which allowed him to contact the boys via writing on a bathroom mirror to warn them.

Following a failed attempt to kill Sam and Dean, Van Ness returned and nearly consumed Bobby's energy but his body was destroyed before he was able to finish.

When the brothers returned, Bobby had gotten strong enough to become visible and showed them where the secret room that housed the corpses of Annie and the other victims were,.

Bobby disappeared when Dean berated him for becoming a ghost instead of moving on but reappeared in the backseat of their car, willingly staying invisible to eavesdrop on Sam and Dean's conversation about what to do now that Bobby had returned as they knew it was good for the moment but the Bobby they knew wouldn't stay that way for long.

Bobby asks the boys to burn the flask and let him go, as he was becoming too vengeful. He asked the boys to treat the 'Dick thing' as a hunt and not do it out of vengeance before he leaves.

Bobby also tells the boys he'll see them on the other side one day, but hopefully not too soon. Sam and Dean were both still reeling from their own experiences during their year apart when they met up with Garth in Southern Comfort.

Dean found it intolerable that Garth had attempted to assume Bobby's role as director and confidante, even daring to wear Bobby's hat and use the exclamation "Balls!

Dean angrily confiscated the hat and told him to stop trying to be Bobby. Garth snapped back, telling him that Bobby belonged to their whole community of hunters, not just to him and Sam, and that he was only trying to use the things that Bobby taught him.

Dean eventually returned the hat. In Taxi Driver , as the second trial to close the Gates of Hell, Sam needs to rescue an innocent soul from Hell and release it into Heaven.

Asking rogue Reaper Ajay for help, they learned that when they burned Bobby's flask, Ajay took his soul to Hell instead of Heaven on Crowley's orders.

Traveling to Hell, Sam finds Bobby who attacks him as he has been tortured by demons repeatedly posing as Sam and Dean. Sam convinces Bobby of his identity and the two begin to make their escape, getting confronted by three demons, one of whom took Sam's form.

Bobby kills all the demons, guessing right when he picked the fake Sam. The two escape into Purgatory , only to find Ajay absent.

Sam explains everything to Bobby, including how they needed him to go to Heaven instead of returning to Earth for this to work, pointing out that there was nothing to tie Bobby to the Earth anymore.

Bobby was shocked to learn that Dean survived a year in Purgatory and that Sam never tried to get him out, pointing out that the deal between them that they won't search for each other is crap.

The two get attacked by vampires , but were rescued by Benny , who Sam stops Bobby from attacking as he is a friend of Dean's, leaving Bobby confused by the fact that Dean has a vampire friend.

Benny leads the two to the exit portal and Sam absorbs Bobby's soul into his arm, first warning Bobby to just go to Heaven and not stick around for another goodbye.

However, the angel Naomi intervened and drove Crowley away before freeing Bobby, allowing him to finally travel to Heaven where he truly belonged.

And because a person can share their own heaven with others, such as a soul mate, it is believed that Bobby will be reunited with his wife Karen in heaven.

Bobby returns as a hallucination of Sam's. In Fan Fiction , schoolgirl Marie made a stage show of Supernatural and had one of the students play Bobby.

Dean also mentioned Bobby's death as one of the many events post Swan Song that happened to Sam and Dean, but Marie dismissed it as bad fan-fiction.

During the play itself the student briefly used a wheelchair but stepped out of it when the cast sang Carry On Wayward Son.

In Ask Jeeves , Dean finds Bobby's old cellphone and discovers he has a message on it stating that he has inherited something from the estate of an heiress named Bunny LaCroix.

Sam and Dean go in his place and are given a pendant that is really the key to Bunny's attic. Eventually they learn Bobby's role in things: Bunny had an affair with a shapeshifter and got pregnant.

When she gave birth to Olivia , the shapeshifter father came for her and killed Bunny's husband Lance. Bobby killed the shapeshifter but agreed to leave Olivia alone if Bunny locked her up which she did on the condition Bobby take care of Olivia if something happened to Bunny.

However, once Bunny died, her butler Phillip released Olivia who started killing her family. When Sam confronts her, Olivia didn't see Bobby's actions as an act of kindness due to being locked up her whole life though Bunny's great-nephew Dash thought Bobby meant a lot to Bunny.

Olivia ended up being killed by Dean. However, it turned out that all Bobby was left was the pendant which was the key to the attic where Olivia had been locked up.

Bobby is shown enjoying his Heaven and is shocked when Sam contacts him through his radio in Heaven. After Sam fills him in on things, Bobby is reluctant to help, feeling himself "rusty", but agrees.

Bobby breaks out of his Heaven, finding himself in a corridor of other Bobby Singer's. When the alarms go off, Bobby releases the other Bobby's to create a distraction and opens the portal to Earth for Castiel from whom he immediately demands answers about Dean as Sam was evasive on the subject.

Bobby helps Castiel break Metatron out then returns to his Heaven, but not before leaving a note for Sam with Castiel. In the note, Bobby tells Sam not to give up trying to save Dean but to stop lying to him about it.

Bobby also states that helping Sam and Dean once again has made him happier than he has ever been in Heaven and he will accept whatever consequences he will get for his actions.

In his Heaven, Bobby looks at a picture of himself with Sam and Dean as Hannah and two other angels come after him. At the same time as the breakout, Dean and Crowley talk and Dean quotes Bobby about family " family don't end in blood " when talking to him about his problems with his mother.

While raiding the Men of Letters bunker , Cyrus Frankenstein finds a copy of the picture of Bobby, Sam, and Dean and smiles before being interrupted by his brother.

When Eldon came in, Cyrus quickly hid the picture. During flashbacks in Safe House , Bobby gets called sometime in or from Rufus Turner to help him deal with an apparent haunting in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Exhausted from attempts to stop The Apocalypse , Bobby falls asleep waiting for Rufus to meet up with him.

Investigating the case, the two find out that a young boy was attacked and was left with a weird claw mark on his leg and put into a coma. Bobby believes it to be a ghost while Rufus believes it to be a Japanese monster called a baku.

The two make a bet on the matter about who is right and burn the bones of the two people who were attacked in the house. To their surprise, the young boy's mother is attacked as well after the bones are burned and Bobby and Rufus determine they are dealing with a Soul Eater.

While Bobby doesn't know of a way to kill one, he realizes he'd dealt with another Soul Eater years before in Tennessee while working a case with a hunter named Harvey and was able to use a Celtic sigil to trap the monster.

Dean nennt sie " Khan-Wurm ". Dann taucht auch noch Castiel mit Adam auf, der auch unbedingt die Hülle von Michael werden will. Sie würden sich dann bei Prey Film Krankenwagenrampe treffen. Wegen des Eisens wird er jedoch Beste Stream Filme dem Körper des Zimmermädchens gerissen. Als Bobby mit Dean reden möchte, teilt Sam ihm mit, dass er nicht Bad Hersfeld Kino wäre, da es ihm nicht gut gehen würde. Bobby Supernatural Read Bobby from the story Supernatural Zitate by Nessy_Holmesb (Anna-​Lena Steggerda) with reads. dean, sam, supernatural. Geschlecht: männlich​. T-Shirts, Poster, Sticker, Wohndeko und mehr zum Thema Bobby Supernatural in hochwertiger Qualität von unabhängigen Künstlern und Designern aus aller. My name is Bobby Singer. In twenty-four hours I'm gonna lose my memory. So here's everything you need to know. Monsters, demons, angels, vampires, the. Show all 27 episodes. Er begleitet Dean dabei, Sam zu finden. Dean comes to Bobby for shelter for Lisa and Godless Imdb when he reunites with Sam and finds out there are a few Djinn after the brothers. In dieser Pumping Iron, dass er entweder tot ist oder jemand seine Festplatte zu hacken versucht, auf der er alles Wichtige über die Brüder gespeichert hat. Bobby Serien Stream �Ber Ps4 control of the gurney, saying that Sam's medical insurance has lapsed and he will be sent to the county hospital for treatment instead. Bobby tells Mary he has questioned the other refugees, but doesn't believe any of them were to blame for the death. Episodes Next Episode. Dean comments that they've never actually seen the spell Bobby taught them work.

Bobbys verstorbene Frau Karen kommt zurück von den Toten, wie auch viele andere. Bobby ist total glücklich und will auch von Dean und Sam nicht gewarnt werden.

Erst als die Zombies anfangen zu töten, wird auch Bobby klar, dass etwas Merkwürdiges vor sich geht.

Dann muss Bobby seine Frau zum zweiten Mal töten. Dann taucht auch noch Castiel mit Adam auf, der auch unbedingt die Hülle von Michael werden will.

Bobby kann Adams Flucht nicht verhindern, da dieser sich in seinem Traum mit Zachariah trifft und so von ihm gefunden werden kann. Er will einen Deal mit Bobby machen, damit sie so den Tod finden können.

Bobby muss nur Crowley seine Seele leihweise überlassen. Bobby hat herausgefunden, dass der Tod in Chicago ist. Er hat dem Deal eine Klausel angefügt, die Bobby nun wieder laufen lässt.

Bobby steht aus seinem Rollstuhl auf und ist sichtlich erleichtert und kann nun bei der Lagerhalle mit dem Impfstoff wieder voll mitwirken.

Nur die Tatsache, dass Sam zu Luzifer "Ja" sagen will, um dann selbst in das Loch zu springen, behagt ihm gar nicht. Die Mission scheitert, da Sam Luzifer nicht verdrängen kann.

Der verbesserte Castiel kann Bobby aber wiederbeleben. Dean und Bobby verabschieden sich voneinander und werden sich ein Jahr nicht mehr sehen.

Sam und Dean samt Lisa und Ben kommen bei Bobby an. Dieser meint, dass etwas nicht stimmt, wenn er bei ihm mit seiner Familie auftaucht.

Bobby bittet sie herein und Lisa und Ben gehen nach oben. Dieser nimmt seine Anwesenheit mit einem kurzen Kopfnicken zur Geltung.

Dean merkt sofort, dass Bobby die ganze Zeit gewusst hat, dass Sam zurück ist und wird sofort wieder sauer. Bobby entschuldigt sich mit den gleichen Argumenten wie Sam, nämlich, dass er wollte, dass Dean endlich ein normales Leben führen kann.

Aufgebracht beschreibt Dean wie das Jahr anfangs die Hölle für ihn war. Er hat zu viel getrunken, hatte Albträume und hat zig Bücher gewälzt, um einen Weg zu finden, Sam wieder aus der Hölle zu holen.

Bobby sagt, er wollte Dean nicht belügen, aber er wäre einfach froh gewesen, dass Dean das Jägerleben hinter sich lassen konnte. Dean sieht ihn enttäuscht an und fragt, ob er so aussehen würde, als hätte er es hinter sich gelassen.

Rufus taucht mit einer Leiche auf, die beerdigt werden muss. Das echte FBI taucht wegen dieser Leiche auf, die gar keine Leiche ist, da Rufus den Okami nicht richtig getötet hat, welcher dann versucht Bobbys Nachbarin zu töten, was auch von Bobby geregelt werden muss.

Dabei will Bobby sich eigentlich nur darauf konzentrieren, seine Seele von Crowley zurückzubekommen. Da Sam entschieden dagegen ist, soll Bobby auf ihn aufpassen.

Als Sam von Balthazar erfährt, dass er seine Hülle mit Bobbys Blut verschandeln muss, damit seine Seele nicht mehr in seinen Körper will, jagt er Bobby durch sein eigenes Haus.

Im Schuppen kann er Bobby überwältigen und als er ihn gerade töten will, kommt Dean zurück und kann es gerade noch verhindern.

Bobby und Dean beobachten, wie der Tod Sam seine Seele zurückgibt. Bobby hat immer noch ein angespanntes Verhältnis zu Sam und möchte ihm am liebsten von seiner seelenlosen Zeit berichten, aber Dean ist dagegen.

Sam und Dean brechen zu einem neuen Fall auf und Bobby unterstützt sie von zu Hause aus. So kann er Dean Dr. Eleanor Visyak als Drachenexperten empfehlen.

Als alle wieder bei Bobby versammelt sind, kann Bobby das Fegefeuerbuch entschlüsseln. Bobby beerdigt Rufus und schüttet seinen Lieblingswhiskey auf sein Grab.

Erst als seine Ehefrau Ellen nach Hause kommt, kann sie ihn ein wenig aufmuntern. Erst als herauskommt, dass Balthazar die Vergangenheit verändert hat und das rückgängig gemacht wird, ist Bobby wieder alleine.

Als Sam und Dean bei ihm eintreffen, schläft er endlich auf seinem Sofa. Sie verwandelt dort Menschen in Jefferson Starchips.

Sie erfahren von Eve, dass Crowley noch am Leben ist. Deswegen stellen er und die Brüder ihm eine Falle und erfahren von der Zusammenarbeit zwischen Crowley und Castiel.

Lovecrafts Dinnerparty anwesend war, als dieser ein Tor zum Fegefeuer öffnete. Es ist der Sohn der Haushälterin. Eleonore Visyak und stattet ihr daraufhin einen Besuch ab.

Bobby will sie schützen, aber sie lehnt ab. Im Panikraum beratschlagen Bobby und Dean, wie sie Crowley finden können, als Balthazar auftaucht und ihnen die Adresse gibt.

Sie können allerdings nichts ausrichten, da Crowley nun mit Raphael zusammen arbeitet und Castiel heimlich im Alleingang das Fegefeuer öffnen und alle Seelen konsumieren konnte.

Bobby fesselt den Tod, da sie wollen, dass er Castiel tötet. Das funktioniert zwar nicht, aber der Tod kann eine erneute Mondfinsternis erzeugen, damit Castiel die Seelen an das Fegefeuer zurückgeben kann.

Der Tod klärt sie auch über die Leviathane auf. Er fährt zu ihr und rettet sie aus dem Krankenhaus. Dean ist erleichtert, dass der ältere Jäger noch lebt.

Dieser hilft ihm hoch und gibt ihm seine Klamotten und Krücken. Bobby will Sam holen, der wegen seinem Kopf noch in der Radiologie ist. Sie würden sich dann bei der Krankenwagenrampe treffen.

Sie schaffen es gerade noch, den Leviathanen, die ihre Flucht bemerkt haben, zu entkommen. Der Leviathan-Arzt gibt jedoch telefonisch die Fahndung nach den Winchesters raus.

Während Dean aufgrund seines Beins an das Sofa gefesselt ist und sich die Zeit mit fernsehen vertreibt, hat sich Bobby um den Impala gekümmert und die Leviathane im Auge behalten.

Bobby schickt die Brüder zu Frank Devereaux, der ihnen eine neue Identität erstellen soll, während er alles Mögliche an Chet ausprobiert, um herauszufinden, ob und wie man einen Leviathan verletzen oder töten kann.

Bobby verliert die Nerven und schlägt ihm den Kopf ab. Dies bringt ihn zum Schweigen. Bobby bekommt unerwartet Besuch von Sheriff Jody Mills , die sich bei ihm dafür bedanken will, dass er ihr das Leben gerettet hat.

Sie schlägt ihm vor, etwas zu kochen. Der Jäger meint jedoch, dass es gerade ungünstig wäre, weil er im Keller zu tun habe.

Jody lässt sich allerdings nicht abweisen. Als er später wieder in den Keller geht, entdeckt er, dass sich der Leviathan wieder zusammengesetzt hat.

Er hat sich mittlerweile in Bobby verwandelt und hat nun auch alle Informationen über ihn. Er spricht mit Bobby und meint, er habe ein klägliches Leben geführt und hätte dennoch Hoffnung in sich, doch er solle sich keine machen, denn er würde nicht mehr lange zu leben haben.

Plötzlich tropft eine Flüssigkeit von der Decke und verätzt den Leviathan. Bobby rennt nach oben, wo Jody gerade den Boden putzt.

In dem Reinigungsmittel ist Borax enthalten, was schädlich für Leviathane ist. Aus überschwänglicher Dankbarkeit, dass Jody ihn zufällig darauf gebracht hat, gibt er ihr einen Kuss und teilt Dean die Ergebnisse mit.

Die Stadtbewohner behaupten, dass es der wahre Jersey-Teufel ist. So machen sie sich auf in den Wald, um mehr herauszufinden.

Nach einer Weile finden sie die Überreste von Phil und verständigen den Ranger. Als dieser eintrifft, nimmt er den Fund vollkommen neutral zur Kenntnis und will ihn per Funk durchgeben.

Bobby hört ein Geräusch, sie wollen den Ranger noch warnen, doch zu spät. Das Monster schnappt ihn sich und verschleppt ihn auf den Baum.

Es hat eine menschenähnliche Gestalt und sie bringen es zu ihrem Unterschlupf, um es näher zu. Während sie sich wundern, dass die Kreatur so stark ist, aber gleichzeitig durch einen ganz normale Kugel getötet werden konnte, kommt es wieder zu sich und will sie angreifen.

Bobby punktiert eine Wunde und findet grauen Schleim, weswegen Sam und er eine Autopsie durchführen.

Nachdem sie erkennen, dass das seltsamen Verhalten durch die neuen Sandwiches hervorgerufen wird, beschatten Sam und Bobby die Fleischfabrik, die das Restaurant beliefert.

Während die Winchesters sich mit Dick und den anderen Leviathanen einen Kampf liefern, geht Bobby in Dicks Büro seine Akten durch und findet aufschlussreiche Unterlagen.

Als Bobby einsteigt, feuert der Chef der Leviathane eine Pistole ab. Bobby findet sich in seinen Gedanken wieder, die ständig die Orte wechseln.

Er begegnet Rufus , der gerade auch von seinen Gedanken aufgewacht ist. Bobby erzählt Rufus alles und er sagt ihm, dass er zu seiner schlimmsten Erinnerung gehen muss, um wieder ins normale Leben zu kommen.

Anfangs dachte er noch an. Jedoch wird er wieder zu einem guten Moment gebracht und muss leider feststellen, dass es nicht die schlimmste seiner Erinnerungen war.

Er muss schnell handeln, da Bobbys Sensenmann hinter ihm her ist. Bobby findet sich in seiner Kindheit wieder. Der junge Bobby lässt ein Glas fallen, worauf sein Vater ausrastet.

Er sagt ihm, dass er noch ein Kind sei, doch seinen Vater kümmert das nicht. Bobby findet die Tür, die ihn rausbringen kann und eilt raus, bevor sein Sensenmann ihn erwischen kann.

Seine letzte Erinnerung ist ein Abend mit Sam und Dean, als alles normal war. Bobby sieht seinen Sensenmann und auch seine letzte Erinnerung verschwindet.

Bobbys Geist versucht alles, um sich den Brüdern zu zeigen. Als diese einen neuen Fall übernehmen, da eine Jägerin, Annie Hawkins , mit der alle drei ein Verhältnis hatten, verschwindet, machen sie sich auf den Weg zum Van Ness Haus.

Zuerst begegnet er Annie. Zusammen belauschen sie ein Gespräch zwischen einem Geist namens Dexter und einem anderen Geist, der meint, Dexter hätte etwas falsch gemacht.

Danach unterhalten sich Annie und Bobby über ihre Geistererfahrung. Bobby sagt, dass es einen Monat gedauert habe, bis er kapiert hätte, dass er ein Geist ist.

Annie ist nicht erfreut zu hören, dass Bobby seinem Tod davon laufen wollte. Er argumentiert, dass er noch etwas zu erledigen habe.

Annie berichtet ihm, was ihr passiert ist. Sie loten ihre Möglichkeiten aus. Bobby erklärt, dass er Poltergeister gesehen habe, die mühelos ein Klavier bewegt haben, er aber schon durch die kleinste Anstrengung ausgelaugt war.

Es kommt ein Geist namens Heskel ins Barzimmer. Er ist fähig, Dinge zu berühren. Bobby und Annie wollen. Sie erfahren eine Menge über Geister. Je länger sie auf Erden weilen, desto degenerierter werden sie.

Es gibt zwei Möglichkeiten Dinge zu bewegen; entweder, indem man ruhig in sich geht oder durch pure Wut, was sich jedoch nicht kontrollieren lässt.

Annie will wissen, wovon sie Victoria befreien soll. Bevor sie antworten kann, verschwindet Bobby, da die Brüder das Haus verlassen haben.

Da Bobby und Annie nicht stark genug sind, um sichtbar zu werden, muss Victoria sich den Brüdern bemerkbar machen. Sie erklärt ihnen, dass alle wegen Whitman in Gefahr schweben.

Als Bobby die Leichen verbrennen will, ist Whitman über Bobbys Vorhaben erzürnt und will sich auch seine Energie einverleiben.

Während er dabei ist das zu tun, können die Brüder die Knochen verbrennen. Als die Brüder wieder zurück zum Haus kommen, ist Bobby gerade wieder zu sich gekommen.

Sam und Dean können ihn jetzt sehen. Dem Überraschungsmoment der Jungs folgt alsbald Entrüstung. Sie können nicht verstehen, warum Bobby sich entschlossen hat zu bleiben.

Er entgegnet, dass er ihnen helfen will. Er erzählt den Brüdern, was Dick Roman vorhat. Er will das perfekte, menschliche Nutzvieh züchten.

Dafür muss er die geeignete Ernährung finden - das Trutenhuhn-Sandwich war ein Prototyp - und die Menschheit von Krankheiten befreien.

Dafür baut er überall biotechnische Labore. Auf dem Feld in Wisconsin soll dann unter dem Deckmantel eines weiteren Labors ein Schlachthaus für das menschliche Nutzvieh entstehen.

Sams Laptop informiert sie, dass sie eine Nachricht von Frank haben. In dieser steht, dass er entweder tot ist oder jemand seine Festplatte zu hacken versucht, auf der er alles Wichtige über die Brüder gespeichert hat.

Als Charlie das Gebäude betritt, fällt den Brüdern auf, dass Bobby es irgendwie geschafft hat, den Flachmann in Charlies Tasche zu stecken.

Charlie schafft es auf ihrer Flucht nur bis zur Eingangshalle und ist nun gefangen. Bobby schafft es jedoch endlich genug Kraft aufzubringen, um Dick Roman in Schach zu halten.

Dabei gerät allerdings Charlie in die Schusslinie und bricht sich den Arm. Zuvor hatte Bobby die Scheiben zerspringen lassen, sodass die Brüder durch diese durchspringen und Pete ausschalten können, der Dick gefolgt war.

Nun ist eine Motelangestellte besessen von Bobby, der sich den Flachmann schnappt und das Motel verlässt. Im Fernsehen sieht er einen Bericht über Dick Roman.

Dieser empfängt in den nächsten Tagen seine Aktionäre bei der SucroCorp. Bobby will sich ein Auto besorgen, um zu SucroCorp zu gelangen. Der Pickup ist jedoch abgeschlossen.

Er greift nach einer Eisenstange, die auf der Ladefläche liegt, weil er das Fenster einschlagen will.

Wegen des Eisens wird er jedoch aus dem Körper des Zimmermädchens gerissen. Bobby fährt im Körper des Zimmermädchens vor der Firma vor.

Sam erkennt sie wieder und glaubt, dass Bobby von ihr Besitz ergriffen hat. Er weist Dean an, Dick zu beobachten und steigt aus, um Bobby zu folgen.

Er will ihn aufhalten, um das Zimmermädchen zu retten, doch Bobby schubst ihn weg und meint, Sam solle sich raushalten. Er würgt ihn, als Sam nicht gehen will.

Dann wird. Bobby auf ein Mal wieder klar im Kopf und erkennt, was er gerade macht und, dass das nicht richtig ist. Er zieht sich aus dem Zimmermädchen zurück und verschwindet.

Sam bringt das Zimmermädchen ins Krankenhaus und nimmt den Flachmann wieder an sich. Bobby meint, dass das nun mal ist, was aus Geistern wird.

Er bittet die Jungs, Dick nicht nur aus Rache zu töten, sondern, weil es ihr Job ist. Die Brüder entfachen ein Feuer und müssen sich dann noch einmal von Bobby verabschieden.

Dieser hofft, dass sie sich in nicht allzu naher Zukunft auf der anderen Seite wiedersehen werden. Sie verbrennen den Flachmann und Bobby verschwindet endgültig.

Sam will. Sam hat die Hintertür zur Hölle gefunden. Der hält ihn jedoch zunächst für einen Dämon, weil diese ihn durch das Vorgaukeln einer der Brüder zu sein quälen.

Sam kann Bobby dann aber durch detailliertes Wissen über ihn davon überzeugen, dass er wirklich er selbst ist. Er erklärt Bobby, dass er da ist, um ihn zu befreien,und die beiden schlagen sich gegen einige Dämonen kämpfend wieder bis zum Fegefeuer durch.

Bobby meint, dass sie vielleicht seine Hilfe gebrauchen könnten. Sam meint, dass das leider nicht ginge. Die zweite Prüfung beinhaltet, dass er ihn dem Himmel übergibt und selbst wenn nicht, haben sie seinen Körper verbrannt, womit es nichts gibt, an was sie Bobbys Seele binden könnten.

Bobby entgegnet, dass er nicht gerade der Mann für den Ruhestand wäre und die Jungs bestimmt einen Weg finden würden, ihn zurückzuholen.

Sam reagiert darauf kaum, da sie an der Stelle angekommen sind, wo Ajay sie abholen wollte, doch dieser ist nicht da.

Bobby ist geschockt, als er erfährt, dass Sam nicht nach Dean gesucht hat. Bobby hat das Gefühl, dass eine Menge schiefgelaufen ist, seit er tot ist.

Plötzlich werden sie von Monstern angegriffen. Während des Kampfes kommt ihnen Benny zur Hilfe. Bobby hält ihn auch für einen Angreifer, doch Sam kann ihn davon abhalten, Benny zu töten.

Bobby ist ziemlich verwirrt, als Sam ihm erzählt, dass Benny ein Freund von Dean ist. Sie machen sich auf den Weg zum Ausgang. Sam führt mit Bobby das Ritual durch, das ihn dessen Seele aufnehmen lässt.

Sam entlässt Bobbys Seele aus seinem Körper und diese schwebt gen Himmel. Doch dann stoppt sie. Crowley taucht auf und meint, dass man ihm nicht so einfach etwas wegnehmen könne.

Dann erscheint Naomi. Bevor sie versuchen kann ihn auszutreiben, ist er bereits verschwunden. Sie sorgt dafür, dass Bobbys Seele in den Himmel kommt.

In Sams Kopf hinterfragt Sam, ob er überhaupt gegen den Tod ankämpfen soll, als plötzlich Bobby auf dem Rücksitz erscheint.

Er ist der Teil von Sam, der nicht kämpfen, sondern es geschehen lassen will. Dean und Bobby geraten darüber in Streit.

Jeder will Sam von seiner Meinung überzeugen. Bobby gelingt es, Sam von Dean zu trennen und er versucht ihm klar zu machen, dass es in seiner Situation besser ist loszulassen.

Plötzlich taucht Dean wieder auf. Er tötet Bobby und versucht erneut, Sam davon zu überzeugen, dass er nicht aufgeben soll. Sam erzählt Bobby alles, was sich seit seiner Befreiung aus der Hölle ereignet hat.

Als Bobby mit Dean reden möchte, teilt Sam ihm mit, dass er nicht da wäre, da es ihm nicht gut gehen würde. Castiel schaltet sich ein und teilt Bobby mit, wie er seinen persönlichen Himmel verlassen könne und, dass er sich vor den Engeln in Acht nehmen müsse.

Kurz darauf geht jedoch der Alarm los. Bobby öffnet alle Türen im Flur, sodass auch andere aus ihrem Himmel fliehen können.

Als die Engel alle wieder in ihre Himmel zurückschicken wollen, gelingt es Bobby. Kurz bevor die Apokalypse ausgelöst wurde, arbeitet Rufus zusammen mit Bobby an einem Fall, der 8 Jahre später von Dean und Sam wieder bearbeitet wird.

Bobby ist allerdings einer anderen Meinung und nach einigen Recherchen finden die beiden heraus, dass es sich um einen Seelenverzehrer.

Auch Bobby landet in dem Nest und muss einen toten Sam und Dean sehen. Mit Hilfe einer von Rufus gezeichneten Keltischen Monsterfalle können sie die Seelen aus dem Nest holen und den Seelenverzehrer vorläufig ins Nest verbannen.

Bobby Singer und Karen Singer heirateten und waren ein ganz normales Paar. Eines Tages hatten die zwei einen Streit.

In dem Streit ging es darum, ob sie Kinder haben sollen oder nicht. Drei Tage nach diesem Streit wurde Karen durch einen Dämon besetzt.

Deshalb sah Bobby sich dazu gezwungen, sie zu töten. Sam and Dean's road trip to fight monsters and demons is chronicled entirely from the Impala's perspective.

Discover what to watch this November including a Marvel docu-series, a '90s reboot, and a Star Wars holiday celebration.

Get some streaming picks. Title: Supernatural — With the plan in full motion, Sam, Dean, Castiel and Jack fight for the good of the common goal.

Dean hits the road with Jack who needs to complete a final ritual in the quest to beat Chuck; a difference of opinion leaves Sam and Castiel behind looking for answers to questions of This television drama is about the two Winchester brothers, Sam and Dean, who were raised by their father, John, to hunt and kill all things that go "bump in the night" after his wife, Mary, was murdered by an evil supernatural being when the boys were young.

Meanwhile, Sam starts to develop frightening abilities that include death visions, visions of people dying before it actually happens. These visions are somehow connected to the demon who murdered his mother and its mysterious plans that seem to be all about Sam.

When their father dies striking a deal with the very same devil that had killed his wife, the brothers, now alone and without their mentor, are determined to finish the crusade their father started.

But disturbing revelations Written by Rachel B. During the 90's I was a big fan of the X-Files to this day I still am. The X-Files had great stories and character development, which is needed for a great show.

Supernatural has that from the very first episode. I admit that I missed the first 10 minutes of the show, but I knew exactly what happened and where the story was going.

Most shows you tune into after the first few minutes your lost and you lose interest, unlike Supernatural. One final note, as long as the WB doesn't do any tweaking of the show this series will last for quite a few seasons.

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Bobby Supernatural

Bobby Supernatural Bobbys Flachmann

Sie können allerdings nichts ausrichten, da Crowley nun mit Raphael zusammen arbeitet und Castiel heimlich im Alleingang das Fegefeuer öffnen und alle Seelen konsumieren konnte. Dean sieht ihn enttäuscht an Stream On Partner fragt, ob er so aussehen würde, als hätte er es hinter sich gelassen. Sam vermutet zuerst, dass sie es bei ihrem momentanen Fall mit einer Art "Anti-Weihnachtsmann" zu tun haben. Bobby eilt ihr zu Daniella Alonso und rettet ihr letztendlich das Leben. Verpasst keine News und Updates. Er tritt von nun an nicht mehr nur als Berater auf, sondern Lion Movie Stream Mentor, als Vaterfigur. Bobbys Hund wird von Meg getötet, als sie auf das Gelände des Schrottplatzes kommt.

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Supernatural - Bobby's Death Email Adresse Vergessen Visyak als Drachenexperten empfehlen. Er findet heraus, dass es die sieben Todsünden Fack You. Als Sam besessen ist, hilft Bobby Dean, ihn auszutreiben. Sam und Dean können ihn jetzt sehen. Dieses Wiki Alle Wikis. Sam ist erschüttert, wie zerstört der Impala ist und Bobby schlägt vor, den Wagen zu zerlegen und die Teile als One Piece Folgen Ger Dub zu verkaufen. Sam ersticht Bobby mit einem Holzpflock und Navy Cis L angebliche Bobby stellt sich als eine Illusion des Tricksters heraus. Es hat eine menschenähnliche Gestalt und sie bringen es zu ihrem Unterschlupf, Kristine Froseth es näher zu. Jahre später heiratete er seine Frau Karen.

Bobby Supernatural - Meistgelesen

Der einzige Weg es zu besiegen war, die Titanic untergehen zu lassen und so die Zeitlinie wiederherzustellen. Wiki erstellen. Bobby hat das Gefühl, dass eine Menge schiefgelaufen ist, seit er tot ist. Bobby ist die erste Person, die Dean nach seiner Auferstehung anruft, natürlich kann er kaum glauben, dass Dean von den Toten zurück gekehrt ist, und unterzieht ihn jeder ihm bekannten Methode, um herauszufinden, ob Dean der ist, für den er sich ausgibt.



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